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Some very valuable points here – as a PR professional, I particularly agree with Brian’s point about a lack of any integrated communications strategy.

Bryan Nagy - Marketing Insight

Over the last 5 years, social media marketing has grown from a platform of skepticism by brands to an essential tactic of marketing plans. Unfortunately, as more and more businesses further incorporate social media into their marketing, its primary use and strategic place has diminished. It has become the “go-to” for many businesses and professionals who simply don’t understand it. Unfortunately, it is these users who are simply ruining its effectiveness for those who do understand it.

There are countless problems with a majority of social media marketing plans. Are you guilty of them? Let’s have a look at a few major ones:

Unrealistic expectations

For top executives to accept social media as a marketing tactic, marketing professionals had to prove to them it worked. As marketers always encounter, executives want to see their efforts tied to a specific sales number. The thought is, if sales didn’t increase, what was…

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