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How to Care for the Millennial Patient

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With the consumer power and share of the patient population millennials will occupy in years to come, it is likely social media will occupy at least an ancillary role in healthcare communications considering its popularity among that generation. Healthcare Finance

2012 study from ZocDoc and Harris Interactive found that millennials believe seeing a doctor is too much of a “pain.” Their frustration with the healthcare system has resulted in over half of respondents delaying seeking medical attention. Perhaps even more troubling was the fact 79% of those millennials surveyed believe it is easier to evaluate a new tech gadget than a doctor, and 76% feel it’s easier to find information about a hotel than a medical provider. download (1).png

In an age of immediate, personalized interactions, building communications channels that reflect millennials’ wants and needs will be ever-more important. If you are wondering how you can attract and care for millennial patients, this CuredMD guide provides some answers – not surprisingly understanding the Millennials’ love of technology and embracing social media top the list.  And this MNI article recommends a millennial marketing strategy should feature more conversation and real people telling meaningful stories so that your brand can resonate with millennial values.

Finally, some research from the University of Southern California’s online master of science in applied psychology found that the younger demographic values authenticity and their peers’ opinions. 84 percent of millennials say that user-generated content influences what they buy and 82 percent are comfortable enough with brands to interact directly with them.

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