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Community is Not a Buzz Word 

Gail Zahtz writes:

Bring everyone together.  Respect the expertise each has.  Rely on evidence for medical information, training and provider expertise for direction.  Give power to the patient stories- every single one of them.  Provide rated resources so that people can easily find help.  Enable communities that can focus around shared goals, roles, visions and ideals- create the largest center for learning and sharing internationally by empowering people to lead and encouraging them to ask.  Support the trusted relationships that have always been the epicenter of healthcare delivery- the relationship between the physician and patient.  Include the caregivers and the healthcare providers, the students and the scientists, the manufacturers and the non-profits.

We don’t need more technology- we need to use the tool of technology to support community.  And we don’t throw out the “old” supports- the value of books and in-person events.  Communities of Practice have been used for years from medical journals to local government.  Open source technology has proven that vast teams of volunteers can work together towards common goals and real solutions.  This is neither new nor rocket science… or so I thought……

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