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Looking for an alternative to Google Reader? Try Feedly

Google Reader Dead

Shock and dismay greeted the latest decision by Google to kill off its Reader, and while a  “Save Our Reader!”petition is gathering pace today, I am inclined to agree with Forbes contributor Alex Kantrowitz that “Google evidently weighed the decision beforehand, it is unlikely that any protest, no matter how long it trends on Twitter, will get Google to change its mind. Google Reader, for all intents and purposes, is dead.”

So what are the alternatives to Google Reader? There are several already available, and the one I am currently using is Feedly.

Feedly  is an RSS feed reader application which allows you to organize your favorite blogs, news sites and Youtube channels and access them all in one place (or sync with Google Reader, Twitter and Facebook).  It works with Chrome, Firefox, and mobile devices and syncs with Google Reader to manage your RSS feeds.  Feedly have a step by step guide to  help migrate from Google Reader here.

Feedly recently announced a new collaboration with Buffer (a tool which schedules your social media updates for maximum exposure) allowing users to share their favorite articles from Feedly using their personalized Buffer schedule (click here for some good tips on how to maximise these two tools for effective content sharing).

You can also add Feedly to your phone, tablet and computer and keep up to date with your reading while on the go. The magazine style layout lets you easily browse through previews and see pictures to decide quickly what’s worthy of your attention.