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some interesting points raised in this post

mHealth Insight

In reply to the publishing of the Pew Internet Mobile Health 2012 report author Susannah Fox has shared an interesting point of view from Dave Clifford, a strategy consultant in Health IT and Science and Tech Policy, who having read the report challenged the conclusions many readers are making.

Of course this isn’t the first time someone’s suggested there’s too much hype in the mHealth app world but it’s well worth a read and gave me several further thoughts I thought it might be worth expanding on (in addition to my shared thoughts on Pew’s 2010 and 2012 Mobile Health reports):

Since 2010, Susannah’s reporting has shown that the number of people downloading health apps onto their smartphones has remained roughly constant

For me this highlights the importance of us understanding what is mHealth. Obviously I disagree with Pew’s definition (eg. that it’s a “health application…

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