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Many years ago, I launched the first blog carnival about social media and medicine, but after 39 editions I switched to more dynamic methods for curating information online. Although it’s always a pleasure to see other active carnivals such as the Health Care Social Media Review. Moreover, this is my honor now to host the 24th edition focusing on the undervalued fact that social media actually loves healthcare.

Google Glass, iWatch and IBM Watson Revolutionizing The Practice of Medicine

In my submission, I described the ways how disruptive technologies can help medical professionals and patients.

Patient Engagement Explored at the ePharma Summit

Casey Quinlan had the fortune of being asked to participate on a panel titled Social Media for Pharma: A Match Made in Heaven or Hell? at the ePharma Summit in New York.

In Tweets We Trust: Determining The Credibility Of Health Related Tweets

A 2012 paper by…

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