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Well worth a read – David makes some really excellent points in this article.

mHealth Insight

The mHealth Future of Pharma Masterclass London

On Friday 15th March 2013 I lead this mHealth masterclass for the SMIGroup in London on the topic of the mHealth Future of Pharma. Here’s my slide deck:

My take aways:

> Behaving like a media company is a completely foreign concept for most pharmaceutical brands.

Jonathan MacDonald all media is digital all digital is mobile and all companies are social

It amazes me how little effort pharma brands are committing to reshaping themselves to fit the reality of today’s hyper connected world. I think everyone should read about the fantastic data debate that was generated by a NY Times reporter testing the latest electric car and the brand value this will have contributed to Elon Musk and his Teslsa brand.

During the discussion that followed the talk I was clicking to links/videos that feature on this blog and one of the delegates asked how can we sign up to access the “mHealth Insight resource”. The delegate was amazed to learn that we’ve made…

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