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How consumers search for health information online

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There is a lot of data on the numbers of people who search for online health information but what seems to be missing is a clearer picture of how many websites people go to for health information a…

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One thought on “How consumers search for health information online

  1. Hi Marie – thanks very much for this link. I was gobsmacked a few years ago to learn (via the “Seeking Social Solace” study, as described in “Why Aren’t Heart Patients Online?” – ) that heart disease makes up barely 2% of all diagnoses discussed by patients on social media, the second smallest slice of a very active pie.

    This Russell Herder study also found that 40% of the medical conditions disclosed by patients online last year were cancer-related, with breast cancer patients much more likely to share information about their diagnoses than those living with other forms of the disease – even though four times more people are diagnosed with cancers other than breast cancer each year.

    Depression didn’t even make the Russell Herder list. Maybe we’re just too darned busy being depressed to go online . . . ?


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