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How a heart attack turned me into an “information flâneuse”

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Before surviving a heart attack in 2008, I never gave my heart more than a passing thought (except maybe when slogging up that brutal Quadra Street hill with my running group on our way back to the Y).  But after my heart attack and accompanying shock, disbelief, grief and anger, I became just a wee bit obsessed. I threw myself into boning up on women’s symptoms, risk factors, diagnostics, treatments and emerging cardiac research as if I were cramming for some kind of imminent cardiology midterm.


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2 thoughts on “How a heart attack turned me into an “information flâneuse”

  1. Just like me, I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer in 2008, I have now spent more hours studying this than I did for my MBA. I know lots now about mammograms, thermography, anti inflammatory diets, juicing, apricot kernals, peripheral neuropathy, Vitamin D, the role of stress in cancer, hydration, good fats and bad fats, the interests of big pharma, good charities and charities I would never support, DCIS, unnecessary mastectomies, boosting your immune system and diet changes. Phew, no wonder I’m exhausted!

  2. Gabby’s right – sometimes it’s utterly exhausting being an “information flâneuse”! Thanks so much Marie for running my post here, and a side thank you to Dr. Kent Bottles who first introduced me to this darling phrase!

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