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Like a Diamond Mine

Days of Past Futures

Follow the right people and hashtags on Twitter and every so often you will inevitably hit a seam of great content.

Dr. Bryan Vertabedian (@Doctor_V), an assistant professor of pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine is one of the most thoughtful physicians going when it comes to looking at the role of doctors and the impact of social media and his blog ( is usually a must-read.

Earlier this week using the hashtag #BCMdigital and an automated posting tool, Vertabedian transmitted a series of tweets to coincide with a lecture he was giving to first-year medical students at Baylor.

They immediately struck myself and others who were watching a pithy synopsis of the huge changes new technology is having on the practice of medicine as well as some unalterable realities medical students should understand.

A summary of a few of those tweets follow.

  • A variety of forces r conspiring to…

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