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Telehealth, Remote Monitoring & Medical Records: What Data Must Providers Include in a Patient Medical Record?

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Telehealth creates unique health information management challenges for various reasons, including: aggregating large data sets (i.e. remote monitoring); using and storing numerous file formats (video, audio, text, digital images, film); establishing safeguards for sharing data with virtual providers and distant sites; determining the appropriate location for data storage (if more than one provider or entity is involved); and more.  All of these challenges create issues relating to medical record management, maintenance, ownership, and storage.

In the past, it was easier to define what was and was not considered the “medical record” for a patient.  Typically, the medical record was the patient’s paper file and/or a basic electronic medical record (EMR).  With the addition of the internet, telehealth, and other electronic means of data transmission, the question remains: What new mediums must be included in a patient’s medical record?

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