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Twitter Chatting And Drug Development

Thanks to the Eli Lilly Clinical Open Innovation team who alerted me to this great companion piece to my own observations on Twitter chats

Lilly Clinical Open Innovation

Birds tweetingSo what’s a Twitter Chat?

Juliet Barbara, social media commentator for Forbes,  shares in her article “How Twitter Chats Will Open Your Mind and Network:”

…Twitter chats are Twitter-based dialogues that anyone can join just by following and mentioning whatever hashtag is assigned to that chat. Because of the diverse group of people a Twitter chat can bring together in an open, “liquid” environment, there’s potential for those serendipitous connections that just may complete an idea.

The Partnership with Patients Summit was an event focused on assuring the patient is at the center of healthcare policy, care and R&D. I was fortunate to attend, and while there met several patients and advocates who use Twitter chats to connect on disease and health. I learned quite a bit about why patients Twitter chat, and I couldn’t help but wonder if there’s not an opportunity for those involved in drug…

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