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Better Living Through Mobile: A Patient’s Journey

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Who does mHealth really benefit?

mHealth, far from being impersonal and over-computerized, actually allows people to take charge of their health care more fully, and in greater detail, than ever before. Even occasional self-monitoring can prevent problems from occurring, and patients can get answers from their physicians at the precise moments when those problems arise.

There will be fewer doctor’s visits, and a lot less hassle. From the doctor’s point of view, mHealth systems reduce paperwork, red tape and the time it takes to gather data, allowing physicians to focus on treating and diagnosis. And medical researchers benefit as well, because they get a wealth of data, assuming patients are willing to share.

Rarely is mobile healthcare as coordinated as Adam’s, but it’s starting to happen, in pieces, all around the world. It’s not a perfect vision — there’ll still be incurable sickness, not to mention misdiagnosis — but every day, mobile technology is improving medical outcomes, and prolonging lives

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