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Using Infographics to Increase Understanding of Clinical Trials

This is really interesting!

Lilly Clinical Open Innovation

According to Centerwatch and CISCRP, 94 percent of people recognize the importance of participating in clinical research in order to assist in the advancement of medical science; and yet, 75 percent say that they have little to no knowledge about how the clinical research process works, or how to participate in it.

For many patients, information about clinical trials, whether online or offline, can be difficult to come by. It’s a given that deciding whether or not to participate in a clinical trial is a complicated process, with many risks and benefits to consider. The decision-making process is only made more difficult when, as clinical research professionals, we fail to make information available in a clear, friendly and accessible manner.

It has become apparent that traditional methods of communicating about clinical trials are not working well enough. What is yet to be fully explored is how new, digital forms of communication…

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