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100 Social Media And Digital Health Accounts To Follow In 2014

Social media is a radical shift in the way we communicate. The healthcare conversation is no longer a one-way narrative but is evolving into a global, participatory discussion. If you want to find where that discussion is most visibly and influentially taking place you need look no further than Twitter. Here you will find the latest healthcare news, the most innovative medical research and the conversations that matter to health consumers discussed in real-time across the globe. Physicians, nurses, medical and health researchers and other allied healthcare professionals interact with patients, pharmaceutical representatives, support groups, opinion leaders, and anyone with an interest in healthcare.

I decided to curate a list of 100 of the social media and digital health accounts I follow on Twitter.  From the USA to Europe, this list represents the global reach of Twitter in disseminating and expanding healthcare information. On it you will find a mix of healthcare professionals, advocates and patients, alongside pharmaceutical reps and marketers.  While you will be familiar with some of the names on this list who have amassed large followings,  I wanted particularly to highlight the accounts of those you may not be so familiar with. Their names may not be as well-known on a global stage but they have consistently added value to the healthcare conversation throughout 2013 and are poised to add even more in the new year.

I am aware that some people will question why make these lists at all.  They can appear arbitrary and restricting the list to 100 inevitably means there will be names omitted that you feel should have been included. Even I realized after I put the list together that I had left some key  influencers out –  completely unintentionally –  so this is by no means a definitive list, nor is it meant to signify any hierarchical structure or stroking of egos – though there are some who will claim it is so.   Those of us who are immersed in Twitter sometimes forget that when we started we weren’t familiar with many of the accounts we now follow every day.  I hope this list can be a starting point for those new to Twitter as they join the conversation.   As you become more familiar with Twitter your network will expand and you will create your own list.  

Even for those of us who are experienced Twitter users, we can always discover a new gem in an account we may not have come across before.  I know I can be guilty of swimming in the same Twitter pool and every now and again it is good to expand our horizons. I hope this list will help you (like Thea’s tweet indicates below) expand your network to make it even more valuable, global and inclusive. 


7 thoughts on “100 Social Media And Digital Health Accounts To Follow In 2014

  1. Have you thought of @LisaJey – our founder? She is a women’s health, wellness, fitness advocate tweeting about living and eating well, exercise and fitness, and about Breast / Ovarian Cancer news/awareness, BRCA genetic mutations, Menopause, Skin and Prostate cancer and many other medical issues…

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