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#hcsmca – A Social Network Analysis of our Community

I am always fascinated to read the social science research. This is a very interesting study on #HCSMCA the healthcare social media chat for Canada.

Colleen Young

Back in Nov-Dec 2012 social scientists Anatoliy Gruzd, PhD and Caroline Haythornthwaite, PhD, did a social network analysis of #hcsmca. The results were recently published in the Journal Medical of Internet Research  Enabling Community Through Social Media*.

This week Feb. 5, @gruzd (Dalhousie University) and @hthwaite (University of British Columbia) will be our special guests on #hcsmca. They will discuss the findings of their analysis, which I hope will lead to an animated conversation as we explore a reflection of ourselves. Here is the Feb 5th #hcsmca transcript.

In their study of #hcsmca, the authors asked:

  1. What accounts for the relative longevity of this particular online community? Is it because of the founder’s leadership and continuing involvement, or are there core members who are actively and persistently involved in this community?

  2. What is the composition of this community in general? And, more…

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