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The New Era of Digital Health

Lots of great ideas for discussion here

Colleen Young

Crystal Chin (@eHealthCareers  & @_CrystalChin) and Maheisha Ravendra (@MaheishaR) will moderate this week’s #hcsmca focussed on digital health. Here they describe how they define the new era of digital health.

By Crystal Chin and Maheisha Ravendra

Headshot of Crystal Chin Crystal Chin

Maheisha Ravendra Maheisha Ravendra

Healthcare is evolving as more processes use and gain insight through technology. Systems such as electronic medical records, picture archiving and communication systems and clinical information systems have been implemented and are now part of the healthcare infrastructure. However, with the arrival of data science, mobile technology, wearable devices, pharmacogenomics and personal health data, a new era of digital health is emerging. These new innovations all aim to achieve better health. But it also means a whole new set of concepts and ideas.

Although there are many ideas of what digital health is, such as the “convergence of the digital and genetics revolutions with health and health care”…

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