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Guest post @markoneinfour: social media and public professionals #expo14NHS

Terrific opportunity to catch up on this great talk from the recent NHS Expo

Connecting Social Care and Social Media

Mark Brown who tweets as @markoneinfour is exploring “What is the role of social media in health and care?at the Health and Care Innovation Expo 2014 along with @AgencyNurse and @VictoriaBetton. Mark is Development Director of Social Spider CIC and editor of “One in Four” magazine  

This is a transcript of Mark’s rather excellent presentation today. 

Hello! I’m Mark Brown.  I mostly do mental health stuff. My work comes from my own experience of mental health difficulty. I don’t work for the NHS but I do spend lots of time effing about on twitter.

At a time when the NHS is experiencing it’s biggest challenges for at least a generation, I want to talk to you about the way in which social media can help to root the NHS in the fabric of communities. I want to talk to you about the ways…

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