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Ready to represent Asia Pacific at the premier global digital health event?


Would you like to join a global gathering of digital health investors, entrepreneurs and thought leaders?

In May 2014, over 300 top investors, entrepreneurs and thought leaders around the world will meet at The Healthees, in my home town of Dublin, Ireland, to discuss opportunities in the global digital health market.  

You could be joining them at this premier event!

So what is the Healthees?

The Healthees is a global competition to celebrate those individuals who are driving innovation in healthcare. An opportunity to gather, meet and toast with all the individuals who are transforming healthcare with technology.

In the Asia Pacific region, we are looking to identify individuals promoting digital health in the different countries through entrepreneurial activities, blogs, projects, etc.

The winner of Healthees Asia Pacific will receive a paid return-ticket to Ireland to present at this special gathering and make a case for why the Asia Pacific region is the next most exciting digital health market.

Click here to see highlights from last year and what Forbes thought about the event.

Nomination Criteria

  • Activists: influencers that get involved with their communities.
  • Connected: influencers that have large social networks.
  • Impact: influencers are looked up to and are trusted by others.
  • Active minds: influencers that have multiple and diverse interests.
  • Trendsetters: influencers are early adopters (leaders) in their markets.

How are the top 10 selected?

Our judges JC Simbana, Julie Papanek and Juan Pablo Mas will review all the nominations and at the Healthees we will announce the short-list based on their involvement with their communities, their connectedness, their impact, diverse interests, and trend-setting.

We will host an event on Wednesday, 7 May 2014 at the York Butter Factory in Melbourne, Australia to select one winner out of the top 10 to represent the Asia Pacific Region at the HealthXL Global Gathering on 30 May 2014.

Where do you fit in?

As a leader/player in digital health, we would like you to share this message with others in your network. We also encourage you to nominate others who you know to be influencing digital health in the Asia Pacific Region. You can do this via Twitter or email.

*Click Here To Nominate*

Nominations close on Friday, 18 April 201


About Global Gathering

The HealthXL Global Gathering is a special occasion for those who believe that digital health can change the world. Attendees at the event come from all over the globe, providing a unique opportunity for the leaders of digital health innovation to connect and collaborate. This is the overriding message of the event: digital health is about connecting and communicating ideas and knowledge with and to each other. Through this, innovation will accelerate the world over and transform the way we live.

About HealthXL

HealthXL is the world’s truly global digital health mentor network. The program is backed by leading corporations including IBM, GSK, Novartis, Cleveland Clinic and Silicon Valley Bank.  HealthXL works with the most ambitious healthcare startups from around the world, helping them to create and nurture the innovative ideas and technologies that are going to transform the world’s healthcare systems.

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