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Can I change my mind about docs on social media?

The Ethical Nag

As regular readers already know, I’ve told some embarrassingly cringe-worthy tales about how some health care professionals are using social media (here, here and here, for example).  In Doctors Behaving Badly Online, I cited studies by Washington, DC researcher Dr. Katherine Chretien and her findings of physicians’ unprofessional” p osts on Twitter featuring “very naughty words, potential violations of patients’ privacy, and discriminatory statements.”

Two years ago, when the British Medical Association warned U.K. docs and med students NOT to make “informal, personal or derogatory comments” online about their patients, I became even more alarmed. Why, I wondered at the time, is it even necessary to issue this warning to intelligent, educated brainiacs with the letters MD (or rather, in the U.K., the letters MBBS) after their names?

There are still regrettable cases coming to light about Doctors Behaving Badly Online, but lately, I’ve…

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3 thoughts on “Can I change my mind about docs on social media?

  1. Thanks Marie for reposting my ETHICAL NAG article here for your readers. After years of writing cautionary tales about docs behaving (very) badly online, it struck me one day (perhaps one too many Jenny McCarthys out there!) that health care professionals who are not yet willing to embrace social media in some form may be abdicating their traditional role as our health educators. Meanwhile, their patients are already there. Thank you for helping to continue to spread the word here!

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