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Social Media and mHealth: Destinated to Be Together

Salud Significativa / Meaningful Health

I recently read a “White Paper ” prepared by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society ( HIMSS ) about Social Media in the health sector.

While I was reading, I kept thinking how interconnected everything is in this new digital reality.

The truth is that the connection is there by default, we, the users, are the ones who decide how and when to interconnect.

Healthcare organizations, hospitals, primary care centers, diagnostic centers, etc. . . are entering this new reality slowly .

These organizations are beginning to understand the potential of Social Media and how they can be more connected with their users, because they can share useful information for patients to be more autonomous in managing their health care needs, especially for those suffering from chronic disease.

This “White Paper ” explains numerous examples that have made me think about the true size and capacity that…

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