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#palliativecare Social Media: It’s all in a hashtag! #hpm? #hpmglobal?



I remember my first encounters with twitter! I was struggling to find the value, the return on investment!

My good friend, Suresh Kumar, kept telling me, “It’s all about the hashtag!”

# …….

Nothing happened…… but now I get it. A slow learner!

Yes I have worked out some of the comings and goings, the tricks of the trade of twitter.  I don’t follow my home stream. I follow hashtags (pound symbol) and lists.

And now very Monday for over a year, I have been getting up bright and early to participate in a tweet chat addressing global Hospice and Palliative Care, #Hpmglobal! Monday morning in the USA was chosen because the rest of the world was awake from the midwest to Australia! OK, New Zealand and California missed out, but that was a small sacrifice. (Sorry Holly!)

Why #Hpmglobal?  This was based on the highly successful hashtag and tweet…

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