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Top 20 Social Networks for Doctors

Physicians are on duty most of the time. When they aren’t, you can be sure they’re either resting or trying to find new answers to the latest issues. It should come to no surprise that doctors and medical professionals don’t spend time on social media. However, what if they don’t necessarily have the time to get in direct contact with one of their colleagues?

Thankfully, there are social networks specifically designed for the medical professional (doctors, nurses, etc.) in mind.

Ask your burning questions, anything you want regarding some of your latest cases by going through the networks we’ve listed below.

Here are the top 20 social networks for doctors, separated by applications you can download on your mobile device, forums and websites for extended discussions, and groups in LinkedIn and Google Plus.

Enjoy the read!


Doximity – Make your life much simpler as a physician by joining Doximity, one of the leading social networks for doctors. More than 40% of the physicians in the US are on the platform, allowing you to connect with professionals from all kinds of fields.

Figure1 – Figure1 lets you share and access images of patient ailments in order to discuss them. While surprisingly useful to engage with other professionals, patient privacy is of the utmost importance. Figure1 aims to let professionals discuss images without identifying information.

Sermo – Sermo is the number one social network created exclusively for physicians! More than 270,000 physicians have joined the social network, discussing clinical cases, collaborating on resources, and more.

SharePractice – SharePractice is a powerful social-based resource supported by physicians everywhere. Stay informed with constantly updated treatments and share your knowledge where it’s needed among peers.

WeMedUp – Connect with some of the top medical professionals on the web using WeMedUp. This private community allows you to discuss the latest research findings and network with others in your field of expertise.

Forums & Websites

AllNurses – Ask any question on the nurse’s life on AllNurses! Articles, FAQs, and trending topics and questions are more than enough to keep you engaged with this community of nursing practitioners.

Doctors Hangout – Doctors Hangout is a professional networking site for both doctors and medical students worldwide! This site contains a variety of medical groups for you to chose from and interact with.

Doc2Doc – Doc2Doc internationally connects doctors and healthcare professionals. SIgn up for your free profile today and get in on these interesting discussions!

MomMD – MomMD connects women in medicine with each other. Participate in the forums and come together to make an impact!

Nursezone – Get insights on nursing work and life with the members of Nursezone! Explore the entire career path, talk travel nursing, and learn about the latest nursing events once you join up.

Orthomind – Orthomind is a global network created specifically for the orthopaedic surgeon in mind. Only orthopaedic surgeons can join this network, specializing in improving patient care.

Ozmosis – Go from good to great with Ozmosis! Join a secure and private community and discuss the latest news of the day in the medical field.

Quantia MD – Quantia MD offers practical advice for practicing physicians. Learn from experts and trusted colleagues with real names and institutions to validate their experiences upon connecting.

The Social Media Health Network – The Social Media Health Network brings social media to healthcare! Get notified of events, curated news and tips, and more when you visit this page and stay connected with the community.

The Student Doctor Network (SDN) – This non-profit organization of thousands of practicing physicians and medical students offers a large reservoir of knowledge and networking capabilities. Any question of yours will be answered with full support of the community!

Social Media Groups (LinkedIn & Google Plus)

American Medical Association – Do you want to participate in the future of medicine? Learn to help your patients by joining this union of physicians from across the world at the American Medical Association.

Digital Healthcare: Social Media and Online Tools – Meet healthcare professionals, patients, and other stakeholders online in this Google Plus Community Page!

Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) – This is a community of the Medical Group Management Association website. Communicate with other leaders in medical practices to get better insight for your management practices.

Medical Doctor (MD) Network – The MD Network is the meeting place to converse on the issues various professionals face. Feel free to ask any and all questions regarding your medical practice and insurance, right here.

Physicians Practice – In order to improve patient outcomes in your practice, talk with people actively trying to solve the problem in their fields. Physicians Practice is a top LinkedIn Group you’ll enjoy contributing towards.



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