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SERMO, Social Network for Doctors, Launches Four New Social Hubs

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I’ve been fascinated with the rise of physician-only online communities for some time. The rise of the “digital physician” has significant implications for physician marketing and physician relations. It is a trend worth following. Today, approximately 1/3 of all physicians in the U.S. belong to a physician-only online social network.

One of the leading physician social networks is Sermo. Earlier this week Sermo’s PR team contacted me to share their latest news – the development of four new Social Hubs joining the current six specialties for Multiple Sclerosis, Oncology, Diabetes, Cardiology, Obesity, and Infectious Diseases. Each Social Hub is led by a group of more than 40 SERMO users that generate discussion topics and create authoring polls for members. They provide users with a platform for learning and a forum for professional networking and development. (SERMO is a physicians-only social network with over 270,000 U.S. physician members. It competes with…

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