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My 10 Social Media Principles

Sensible advice. Stick by these principles and you will rarely go wrong on Twitter

Digital by Default

These days it seems ‘de rigueur’ to work according to a set of Principles. I blame GDS 🙂

At work I have outsourced the heavy lifting to Aviation House and just follow these but I’ve been thinking a bit about my own, personal principles when it comes to this blog and particularly social media. Especially since my recent talk at #somesw and also some stuff I contributed to a Twitter conversation on social media.

So here are mine;

1. Be myself.
I follow the ‘whole person’ attitude to social media. I don’t have separate work and personal accounts. Like Popeye once said “I yam what I yam.” I’m not saying this is for everyone but it is my approach. My voice online is pretty much my voice full stop (Bristolian accent and all.)

2. Be honest.
While I do self-censor myself to some extent – I am a professional…

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