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The Evolution of GoogleGlass and Why it matters

Insight on GoogleGlass from Rafael Grossmann, surgeon and Google explorer

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This is the recent (several weeks ago-), four part interview at mHealthNews at the HIMSS Portland, Me office.

I had the privilege to spend some time sharing insights about my experience with GoogleGlass in medicine, the early accomplishments, the first surgery performed using the platform, its current state, advantages and limitations, future changes and, more importantly, why does It  matter for healthcare and medical education.

As the first step for a head mounted computer, with many of the capacities of a smartphone and more, Glass really represents a breakthrough in technology and the expansion of our vision on its use to improve what we do as medical providers and educators. Obviously, it is not a perfect device YET, but a first edition, with several upgrades already, that broke ground in order to place a computing-communication platform and a camera in front of our line of vision, allowing us to get…

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