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Why is Emergency Medicine the leader in social media and medical education?

I’ve long observed how Emergency Medicine is streets ahead in its use of social media and here’s why

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Today’s post is from Michelle Lin (@M_Lin), who is the editor-in-chief for Academic Life in Emergency Medicine (ALiEM).  AliEM has > 2M unique visits each year, an indirect marker of the influence of this site.  Michelle has received an endowed chair in emergency medicine education at the University of California, San Francisco, in part, for her work in social media.

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ALiEM is not an isolated phenomenon in emergency medicine. Life in the Fast Lane is an Australian-based site founded by Mike Cadogan (@sandnsurf) and Chris Nickson (precordialthump) that is equally influential within emergency medicine.  (Bias alert… I’m an emergency physician…) So, why is the clinical specialty of emergency medicine at the forefront of social media and education? 33 Charts asked the question last month and suggested an answer. Today, Michelle gives her take.

–   Jonathan

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