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The role of pharma in the digital world of patient and doctors

The marketing landscape for pharma has changed dramatically over the past decade as baby boomers and millennials begin to demand more healthcare information, better access and more personalised care.

With doctors, pharma would traditionally recruit, train and send out thousands of sales reps across every market. It was their job it was to help increase prescribing of their company’s new drug by physically being in-front of primary care doctors, the majority of whom were male, middle-aged and career GPs.

Times, however, have changed – and this change has been nurtured by the advent of digital.

When talking to doctors today, pharma has had to completely re-evaluate its former sales model. Chris Boulton, director of marketing at AstraZeneca UK, tells PME Digital Doctors: “In general over the past ten years there has been a big transformation. Take the example of the demographic of the family doctor: we are now seeing more part-time GPs who are younger, female and working mums.

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