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Social Spotlight: Deirdre Munro


This week I turn the social spotlight on Deirdre Munro,  founder of The Global Village Networks, to find out more about how she uses social media in her work.

Logo created by my son Brian (aged 15)
Logo created by my son Brian (aged 15)

Can you tell us about the The Global Village Networks project you founded?

DM: I would love to share our Global Village of Midwives story with you. Our story began at the International Confederation of Midwifery (ICM) Prague June 2014. I travelled to Prague with a fellow midwife Naomi O’Donovan, kindly sponsored by the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO).  I shared lots of new research on twitter and started to use a hashtag  #Globalvillagemidwives and later due to demand created @GlobalVillageMW

This led to other global villages being born:
(This list comes under a Twitter Global Village Network)
  • The Global Village of Mental Health
  • Ability Global Village
  • The Global Village of Health Translation
  • Global Village of Nurses

And there are more in utero!

Which social networking platform(s) do you enjoy using the most?

DM: I am a proud member of many many fantastic platforms

    • The Global Village Network of course!
    • World Health Innovation Summit #WHIS
    • World Health Organisation
    • International Confederation Midwives
    • Maternity Experience #matexp
    • School for health Care Radicals #SHCR #EdgeClub
    • #TeamShiny
    • #wemidwives
    • England Centre for Practice Development International Fellows #ECPDF #mindfulofthegap
    • #whywedoresearch
    • @EhealthIreland
    • Council Clinical Information Officers (Ireland)  #CCIO

Too many conferences to mention! It’s a Twitter party out here so come on and join the fun!

Which topics interest you – eg do you take part in any particular twitter chats?

DM: I am passionate about midwifery, healthcare, research, sharing knowledge, designing research, reviewing methodology, innovation, improving health care and systems together, supporting each other and of course social media.

What advice would you give someone just starting out on social media?

DM:  Don’t be nervous. Just set up a Twitter account and start to follow people that inspire you. Find a twitterbuddy and nurture your confidence. Then start to join a conversation. It opened up a new GlobalVillage for me, the innovations and opportunities are endless.

Finally, would you like to share a favourite quote with us?

I am known as a Twitter induced wordsmith so here it goes;
‘Myometrium moment’ is that awe moment when your heart squeezes (and uterus if you’re female!) and hugs your very soul – #myomo
Innovation moment – I know moment #InoMo

That moment when you really need a hug and support … to increase the mood and love hormone oxytocin  #oxyhug

Thanks Deirdre for taking the time to share your passion and enthusiasm for social media with us.





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