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Google Is Shifting to a Mobile-First Index. Here’s what you need to know


We’re living in a mobile-first world and search engines are seeing the result of this trend: search queries on mobile have now surpassed desktop-based queries.

Google recently announced that its search results index is essentially being flipped and will prioritize mobile results first – so while your website may already be mobile-friendly, your content may not be optimized for the new realities of search.  With Google currently experimenting with this change, there’s a lot you need to know to ensure you’re prepared.

Hubspot has created a useful guide to help you prepare for the changes that are afoot. It explains in more detail what mobile first indexing is, and how you can start to prepare for it by ensuring your website is mobile friendly and you give priority to site speed, user experience and engagement.

Read Google Is Shifting to a Mobile-First Index: What Marketers Need to Know to Prepare


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