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Social Media And Ethical Concerns For Healthcare Professionals

Social media offers innovative ways to enhance health communication, collegiality, and clinical care, but the tenets of professionalism should always guide online interactions.

Professional standards do not change in social media; rather social media proposes new circumstances to which the established ethical and professional principles can still apply. Upholding public trust in the healthcare profession is fundamental to successfully incorporating social media in clinical care.

2 thoughts on “Social Media And Ethical Concerns For Healthcare Professionals

  1. Hello Marie – thanks for sharing this slide presentation. You might be interested in a growing furor here in Canada after a nurse posted negative comments about her grandfather’s nursing home on her Facebook account. The trouble was that she prefaced her complaints (which she had NOT taken to the care facility’s staff or management) by saying she was a Registered Nurse, to add credibility to her complaints, no doubt. The nursing staff at the facility reported her to their provincial nursing association, and she’s just been handed a $26,000 fine for breaching her profession’s ethical guidelines. More info here:

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