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Webinar: How Digital Health Empowers Cancer Patients To Become Active Partners In Their Care

Update: To view recording of this webinar go to: How digital health empowers cancer patients to become active partners in their care — YouTube

It’s increasingly acknowledged that engaging patients — and their caregivers — in digital health design is a necessary step in the development of digital technology that not only works but works for end-users in the everyday context of their lives.

Heretofore, too many developers assumed they understood what patients needed, but in reality, many appeared to be motivated more by the cleverness of new technology than actual improvements in health outcomes.

Despite the progress the healthcare industry has made in bringing patients closer to the design process, there still exists a gap between including patients and including patients in ways that are purposeful and meaningful

Clinicians may be experts in disease, developers in technology, but patients are the experts in their own lives. They know better than anyone what it takes to live with a condition day in and day out day. Ultimately, it is their insights that will help build better digital health solutions.

On Thursday 4th November I will be hosting a discussion on this topic via Zoom. Join me to discover how digital health can empower cancer patients and ways to enable shared decision-making with the co-creation of digital health solutions.

Register Here

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