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Online treatment beneficial to heart disease patients | BMJ

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Patients with vascular disease such as angina and heart disease can benefit from including an internet-based treatment programme on top of usual care, a study published on suggests.

Researchers from the University Medical Center Utrecht in The Netherlands, therefore carried out a randomised controlled trial to assess whether including an internet-based programme would be effective in reducing vascular risk factors in patients with the disease.

The internet-based programme included a personalised website, mail communication via the website with a nurse practitioner, self-management support, monitoring of disease control and pharmacotherapy. The study lasted 12 months and included 330 participants.

Results show that after one year, Framingham Heart Scores had fallen 12% further among patients who took part in the internet-based programme, compared with controls. The Framingham Heart Score represents the predicted 10-years risk for coronary heart disease and is developed for patients free of vascular disease.

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Health literacy in health information technology

Dominic Mack writes:

‘In the middle of “Health Information Technology” (HIT) is the word “Information”. Information for whom?

HIT is all about information about the patient for the patient. The patient must be able to understand to a certain degree what is happening with their health in order to participate in their well being. Studies have shown that patients teaching patients in the community result in better retention of information than a health professional teaching a patient. This model is effective because of the cultural relationship and sensitivity which leads to a better understanding among the learners.

We should ask ourselves: if our patients are leaving our practices with little understanding of their illnesses, how does all this technology change things? The patient centered approach is more than giving an on time appointment, wowing the consumer with technology, and having them feel good walking out the door.’

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