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The Healthcare Marketer

Some people win Olympic Medals; I get to host the next edition of HCSM Review on my Healthcare Marketer Blog! That’s right folks. On Wednesday, August 22, 2012, Edition #11 of HCSM Review will go live on my blog and I need your help. Please submit your posts for this special edition of HealthCare Social Media Review — the blog carnival featuring the latest posts and thought leadership on health care social media. (Follow the link for submission instructions via web form or via email to ddunlop AT jenningsco DOT com.) If you’ve recently written a provocative or thought provoking post about health care social media, I’d be pleased to consider it for Edition #11. Your submissions will ultimately determine whether this edition of Health Care Social Media Review is worthy of gold, silver or bronze. I don’t even want to think about not qualifying for a medal!


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5 Ways to Build a Pinterest Following With Facebook

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Did you know that you can integrate your Facebook and Pinterest marketing?
Yes, there’s a way to get Facebook fans to create exposure for you on Pinterest. Establishing a large audience of followers on Pinterest is one of the most important aspects of a successful Pinterest marketing campaign.


#1: Get a Pinterest Tab for Your Facebook Fan Page
#2: Post Pinterest Links as Updates on Your Facebook Page
#3: Promote Specific Boards on Your Facebook Page
#4: How to Promote a Particular Pin
#5: Promote Your Pinterest Contests on Facebook


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The Importance of Health and Digital Literacy


These are two very important expressions. Health literacy refers to the ability to read and understand health information or pieces of information shared by the doctor; while digital literacy partially refers to the ability of using and understanding digital tools/platforms as well as acquiring skills of using the internet properly.

Obviously, doctors have the ability of health literacy (that is how they are trained), but in the digital one, they lack of many things.

Patients should be equal partners in the treatment, read more information about their condition (even online) and ask relevant questions. These patients are not just e-patients. We need to help them become e-patients (although there are patients who need the doctors to tell them exactly what to do and they stick to that, the description above does not apply to them).

Doctors should be able to answer patients’ questions about diagnosis, symptoms and treatments (obviously), but…

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3 Ways to Use SEO and Pinterest To Grow Your Blog

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If you manage a niche blog or an eBusiness, you probably already know about the importance of developing and implementing a strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign that includes targeted keyword research and link building.


1) Keyword Targeting on Your Site
2) Link Building via Guest Blogging
3) Pinterest Marketing for Your Business

Really Consider Your Niche Follow Relevant Users on Pinterest Add the “Pin-It” button Curate Relevant Articles, Images or Video for Your Niche

Take Your Business to New Heights
With a focus on SEO (keywords and link-building) and Social Media Marketing (via Pinterest, in this case), you can take your blog or eBusiness to new heights. What other marketing techniques are you using to boost your business?


by Kristina Holmes

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