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patient use of social media helps push diabetes surgery into mainstream

A new study has found that diabetes patients who had tried bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) used social media outlets to advocate for the procedure and show how it had positively impacted their Type II diabetes. 

Business intelligence company Wool.labs used its technology WebDig to track every conversation accessible on the Internet and determined the trends among diabetes patients and healthcare providers as related to options to help manage diabetes including bariatric surgery.

We believe that the patient wave of support in social media has helped push diabetes surgery into mainstream acceptance faster~ Michele Bennett, chief operating officer of Wool.labs.

Current trends show that patient conversation was ultimately a key contributor to physician acceptance of weight loss surgery as a tool to control diabetes.

Social media provides a unique window into patient and physician experiences. We can also see how those perceptions impact the patients relationship with the healthcare community ~  Scott Reese, chief executive officer of Wool.labs

Source: HealthCare IT News

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