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Colleen Young

It’s been a while coming, but it makes me no less proud to present to you #hcsmca’s 18-month report card. A big thank you to Alaina Cyr (@AlainaBCyr) for creating the beautiful infographic and to Yaser Alyounes (@YaserAlyounes) for writing the accompanying commentary below. PS: #hcsmca is 21 months old today. 

infographic of health care social media Canada's growth Sept 2010 to march 2012Look at how far we’ve come since the inception of the Canadian chapter of the global Healthcare Social Media community. From 511 participants in December 2010 to 4,533 in March 2012, our community continues to exhibit tremendous growth both in numbers and diversity of topics and participants. (Compare to our 6-month report card.) In my opinion, this had a lot to do with the culture of the community as its been open, inviting, and supportive. This can be clearly seen in two points:

  1. allowing any participant to submit a topic and
  2. having different members moderating the chat as…

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