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Ideagoras 2012: Healthcare Social Media

Thomas Lee will be speaking about healthcare social media at Ideagoras 2012

During the summer, I was invited to attend Ideagoras 2012, taking place in Madrid next week. Unfortunately it clashed with some other commitments this month. However, the good news is that for those of us who can’t attend in person, we can follow online via the live stream which will be embedded at

So what is Ideagoras? When I first read the term I was intrigued. Here’s how Symplur’s Thomas Lee, one of the invited speakers, explains it:

“Ideagoras” is one of those words that will make people stop and think.  It sounds so intriguing, but what exactly does it mean?  Well, according to Wikipedia, the term refers to, “places on the Internet where large numbers of people or businesses gather to exchange ideas and solutions”.  And that’s exactly what both (the company) and Ideagoras 2012 (the conference) are all about.

Thomas  explains how the conference came about through joining forces online with Angel Gonzalez, the founder and CEO of  Ideagoras, “a company that creates truly engaging relationships through free, honest and relevant conversations between healthcare brands and consumers”.

Thomas will be speaking about healthcare social media, specifically Twitter, it’s evolution in the healthcare industry, its use among healthcare professionals and patients, Symplur’s  healthcare hashtag project, and the importance of social media analytics for business.   Other keynote speakers at Ideagoras 2012

  • Marc Vidal (@marcvidal):  Entrepreneurship in the new Collaborative Economy
  • Antonio Ibarra (@Contraejemplo):  Fostering Social Media in Big Pharmas
  • Francisco Lupiañez (@flupianez):  Evidence Based Social Media
  • Michaela Endemann (@wissit):  Some bits about Healthcare Social Media in German Speaking Countries: Austria, Germany, Switzerland
  • Anabel Salazar (@salazaranabel):  Dr2.0 Like Me
  • Christina Anthogalidis (@binaryhealth):  Physician & Consumer Insights in Social Media
  • Elena Sáinz (@educadies):  Empowering patients through the Social Web
  • Verónica Botet(@veronicabotet):  Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway
  • Paul Connolly (@PGConnolly):  From Inspiration to Reality: the Power of Light

It sure sounds like it will be an interesting meeting. I am sorry to be missing it next week, but will be following along online.

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