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Brainstorming Health Care Social Media Buddy Mentoring #hcsmbm


I am excited to let you know about a Twitter chat on the topic of health care social media mentoring which is happening this Wednesday at 6 pm GMT (12 CST 11 ET 9 PST).

This week’s chat is intended primarily to be a brainstorming session to gauge the level of interest in developing a buddy mentoring system to help those who are in need of assistance to navigate social media sites for healthcare information.

To date suggestions have included:

  • a mentoring tweetchat (reverse of the traditional tweetchat where a moderator asks the specific questions), have those who need help with navigating sm sites ask the mentors in the chat questions.

  • Use tools such as google hangouts to share screens and help those ‘sm buddies’ learn the basics of twitter – to search hashtags, compile lists, advanced search and who to follow for their specific benefit and other sm sites.

It is hoped that Wednesday’s brainstorming Twitter chat will bring many more creative ideas  to the table.

The following are suggested points of conversation to get us started.

T1 What developmental opportunities would you like to see in a social media buddy mentoring system?

T2 Would a mentoring group on specific social media sites work to answer questions on demand?

T3 Would healthcare professionals be involved?

If you have any suggestions for further topics to include please leave a comment below.

We hope you will join us for this unique Twitter chat (hashtag #hcsmbm) and help us brainstorm ideas to get a HCSM Buddy Mentoring system off the ground.

Marie (@JBBC), Vanessa (@Irl4Livestrong),  Patty (@topsurf), Shu (@shumilne)

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