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Analyzing Twitter Conversations from Healthcare Conferences – Symplur

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We have witnessed a tipping point in 2012 for leading healthcare conferences like Doctors 2.0 & You where for the first time, the majority of a conference’s audience is not those physically present, but those who were socially present. Healthcare social media analysis is fundamentally changing how conferences think about who their audience is and how to best communicate and share the ideas presented by these great speakers

Marie Ennis-O’Connor‘s insight:

Key Findings By Symplur from Doctors 2.0 & You Conference HashtagThere were more virtual participants (592) than participants that were physically present at the location (400). This illustrates both the power of social media, and the powerful impact the thought-leaders at the Doctors 2.0 & You conference created as their ideas went viral across the globe.The 4,999 total tweets created significant awareness of the ideas shared by the presenters at the conference with a total of 11,969,612 potential impressions in Twitter users’ tweet streams.There was great diversity in languages used by the social participants with English, French and Spanish being the top three, followed by Dutch, Italian, and German.The second day of the conference created the highest volume of social conversations with a total of 2,858 tweets.The social peak of the conference took place at noon the second day when Jen Dyer MD, MPH (@endogoddess) presented on how mobile apps and social media can be a powerful way to improve health literacy. This hour alone generated over 500 tweets.The strength of the presenters and their ideas was clearly revealed in our analysis of who the influencers were. We analyzed the top 3 influencers by number of Twitter mentions and observed a great variety of new faces each morning and afternoon, suggesting a host of dynamic and diverse interests and points of view.Patients were strongly represented at the conference being one of the main segments or social influencers.Looking at the top 50 influencers, we found that Doctors made up the largest group (12). They were followed by Consultants (8), and Patients (7).From analyzing the hashtags used during the conference, we identified some of the main topics discussed including “Healthcare Social Media”, “Mobile Health”, “Pharma”, “ePatients” and “eHealth”.


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