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Beginners Social Media in Medical Education


So we need to talk about Social Media.

I helped to present at the Women In General practice conference a Social Media familiarisation session for Female doctors.  This was held on June 1st 2013 at Yarra Valley Lodge about an hour north of Melbourne Victoria, Australia.  This by the way is my first blog too so the adventure into the online medical space continues.

My talk segment was about Medical Education via Twitter.

 I puzzled over how to introduce SoMe Med Ed to the non-convinced.

Medical Education on Twitter

I discussed 140 characters with links to be saved or short articles as an ideal way for time poor female GP’s to broaden their range of access to medical journal articles and international medical opinion.

I demonstrated the great medical organisations on Twitter; I demonstrated the fabulous Medical Drs both international and local that I follow; I demonstrated all…

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