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How To Handle Different Types Of Comments On Social Media [Infographic]

I really like this Infographic from Salesforce on how to handle different types of comments on social media. I’ve highlighted some key takeways at the end.

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How to Handle Every Type of Comment on Social Media

Via Salesforce

Key Takeaways

Respond in Your Brand’s Voice

It’s important to be consistent with your voice on social media: It should match what you convey through customer service, your website, and any other advertising or channels where a customer may be exposed to the brand.

Respect Their Emotions

When people are upset, they often just want to feel validated; even when you don’t understand where people are coming from, it’s important to respect how they feel.

Create an Answer Library

Take comments from your social media users and turn them into content, and think of how you can provide content that’s a valuable service and invites your customers and fans to be part of your brand’s story.

Personalize Your Replies

Personalizing your answer and making it interactive through gifs, hashtags, and @mentions makes a difference.

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