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Use These 5 Steps to See if Your Social Media is Profitable

What’s your business’s favourite social media platform? Maybe it’s Facebook; it’s popular for both personal and company use and has active participation in the billions. Perhaps you’ve set a goal of posting to your company’s Facebook page at least twice a week. That’s great—but it’s not enough specificity to your goal. Are those posts designed to drive people to a sale page or an email sign up page, or some other call to action?

That, in a nutshell, illustrates the thought journey that needs to happen in order for you to start measuring your social media’s return on investment. Of course there are traditional metrics—how much did efforts cost and how much did they bring in. But social media measurement also means setting up goals, tracking analytics, and analysing those against dollars, pounds, euros, and cents too. This detailed graphic can help you establish review processes to aid your business’s bottom line.

Use These 5 Steps to See if Your Social Media is Profitable

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