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What Does the Future Hold For Social Media?

I love these kinds of articles which predict the future of social media. As marketers we need to keep an eye on trends and be ready for future changes in the social media world.

This article from Marketing Land presents six high-level possibilities for social media’s next phase of evolution.

1. Monopolization – one platform coming to dominate the social media landscape – Facebook anyone?
2. Pay-only visibility – are we in the end times of social media’s free lunch?
3. Individualization – Already, social media platforms are recognizing the demands for customizability and personalization in their user bases.
4. Niche segmentation – niche specialists will provide more novel experiences than their massive, slow-moving counterparts – think Snapchat.
5. Virtual and augmented reality – futurists have been including VR and AR in their predictions for the future of social media for a while now – this one is definitely on the future cards.
6. Streamlining  – social media apps becoming one-stop shops for everything you’d want on the internet.

What do you think of these predictions? How do you see the future of social media evolving?

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