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4 Ways to Build Trust and Influence on LinkedIn

Do you want to grow your LinkedIn network? Interested in practical, scalable ways to establish your professional credibility?

A recent article from Social Media Examiner shares four great ways to build trust and grow your influence on LinkedIn.

#1: Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

A strong professional LinkedIn profile creates opportunities for meaningful connections and interactions with other professionals. The article recommends securing your vanity URL, selecting a professional profile image, using industry keywords, avoiding jargon and buzzwords, and including recommendations.

#2: Proactively Grow Your LinkedIn Audience

If you want to grow your LinkedIn audience quickly, you can’t sit on the sidelines waiting for people to notice you.Make an effort to increase the quality and quantity of your connections by inviting your existing contacts on LinkedIn and finding potential contacts to connect with.

#3: Publish Content on LinkedIn

Sharing content on LinkedIn helps you stay top of mind with your core network. It positions you as an influencer who constantly delivers value with high-quality, engaging content. Consider too, publishing your own original content on LinkedIn Pulse  – a super way to showcase your expertise.

#4: Foster Your Community

Simply growing your network on LinkedIn isn’t enough. While more connections mean better social proof, gaining real trust requires an ongoing relationship-building effort. You can do this by commenting on people’s posts and updates, endorsing their skills, and participating in groups discussions.

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for establishing influence and thought leadership, but building influence doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and effort to expand your network. Many people give up before they achieve significant progress. Follow the advice in this article and you will soon start to see results.

Are we connected on LinkedIn? Send me a message and let’s reconnect if we are. Or if we are not yet connected, send me an invite and I’ll be pleased to connect with you.

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