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A-Z of HCSM: A is for Algorithm #AtoZChallenge


26 posts. 26 days. 26 letters of the alphabet, one blog post beginning with each letter.

It’s the tenth anniversary of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge and I only just heard about it today, which means I’m jumping into things a week late, but I’m excited to join in and that’s what counts.

A is for Algorithm

If you are going to take advantage of social media for marketing purposes, you need to understand social media algorithms.

Algorithms now dominate the social media marketing discussion — almost everywhere you engage, within almost every platform you use, machine learning and data sorting is used to decide what it is you see. Social Media Today

Facebook, the first to implement an algorithm feed, is probably the biggest example of a social media platform using algorithms. Facebook’s most recent ‘meaningful interactions’ update, is focused on prioritizing posts that create meaningful conversations, especially those from family and friends.

Unfortunately, Facebook’s algorithm is constantly changing and it now makes it increasingly difficult for businesses to make an impact without paying for advertising.

Expect other social media networks to adopt similar algorithms as time goes on — both Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, though less advanced than Facebook already use their own algorithms.

Want to beat the Facebook Algorithm? Read this.


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