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Unlocking The Secrets to Writing a High-Performing Blog Post

Healthcare blogs are an effective tool for medical professionals and healthcare organizations to convey their message, educate patients, and promote their services. However, creating a blog post that resonates with readers and garners substantial traffic and engagement can be challenging, especially in the crowded healthcare industry. In fact, most healthcare blog posts fall short of capturing their readers’ interest.

Thankfully, there are actionable steps that can be taken to craft a successful blog post. My latest Medium article delves into the components of a high-performing blog post, drawing on insights from an analysis of 700,000 posts from blogs with an average monthly unique page view count of 50,000 to 500,000. Although written with a business audience in mind, the insights contained in the article can equally apply to healthcare blogs.

The study suggests that long-form content, particularly those with 3000+ words, tends to perform better in terms of traffic, social shares, and backlinks. In addition, articles with longer headlines (14+ words), and list headlines, also perform better than their counterparts.

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