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How Blogs Provide a New Framework for Examining QOL of Younger Breast Cancer Survivors

This is my abstract for the Medicine 2.0 Conference.

Background: The statistics of increased length of survival for women diagnosed with breast cancer give no indication of the quality of life (QOL) experienced. In describing the psychosocial adjustment of life after cancer treatment, younger women in particular convey a unique sense of loneliness, termed survivor loneliness. They report more unmet needs, experience greater emotional distress and a greater search for meaning in their lives. Many are turning to blogs to find a sense of connection and a means of self construct. These blog narratives can provide researchers with a new framework for enhanced understanding of the lived experience of cancer survivorship.

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The Power Of The Tweet!

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I logged on to the #BCCEU twitter timeline to find the following tweet @bcceu – In Aus. Health profs gave no info re Living Well courses. Have now emailed to book attendance. Thanks!!! #breastcance…

Marie Ennis-O’Connor‘s insight:

Confirmation if ever I needed it that social media is changing the face of healthcare and empowering patients.

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