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Monday Morning Cool Tool: Plotagraph 

I love learning about new tools to make social media marketing more creative and effective, so I’ve decided to share some of my favourite tools with you at the start of each week. This week’s cool tool recommendation is Plotagraph – a really cool app that animates images with magical effects.

Although you can’t see it in this still image, in Plotograph the water is moving!

You can use Plotagraph to create a looping video, animated GIF, or animated PNG. Then upload your eye-catching image to various social media platforms.  Most of the time, you make looping videos or animated images from a video. However, Plotagraph begins with a still image and creates the movement with what appears to be CGI effects. You can upload an image to the app or website, or take a photo inside the app.

Plotagraph is available via the web for free and the iOS app costs $4.99.