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21 Rules For Social Media Marketing In Healthcare

I am normally not a big fan of the word “rules” when it comes to social media, but if you want to be successful on social media and achieve results, you need to follow some basic guidelines. So, whether you call them rules, tips or guides, this infographic has some solid advice for those of you who wish to make social media part of your healthcare marketing.


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Best Practices for a Healthcare Social Media Strategy

When you find a brand whose approach you like, spend some time studying what they do with their followers. Watch for several weeks and get a sense of the cadence of their social activities

Social media has grown from a curiosity to an integral piece of corporate strategy in the space of only a few years. Nearly overnight, business owners have brought on whole teams of specialists to craft effective social media strategies and manage multiplying numbers of social media accounts. The truth is that you can build an efficient and valuable social media strategy by following a few Best Practices.

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PwC report shows importance of social media to healthcare

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One-third of consumers use sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and online forums to find health-related information, track symptoms and broadcast their thoughts about doctors, drugs, treatments, medical devices and health plans says a recent report by the Health Research Institute (HRI) at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) US.