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Social Media Lessons And Tools For Doctors

Social media is transforming how doctors and patients interact. How should doctors use social media? What tools can they use to do the job?

In this short video segment, Albert Einstein College of Medicine‘s Social Media Manager,  David Flores speaks with Kent Bottles, M.D., a noted speaker on the subject of social media and medicine and senior fellow at the Jefferson School of Population Health at Thomas Jefferson University.

Dr Bottles says that what he finds most useful about social media is the ability to tap the knowledge of others to help him research, think and write.  He believes no matter how bright you are, you’re always better informed by reaching out for help. While he cautioned against falling for social media “hype,” he explained that doctors should become familiar with social media because of these resources’ ability to engage, inform and galvanize.
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Health Care Social Media in Medicine: An Interview with Kevin MD

Check out this exclusive interview by Michael Weiss with Dr Kevin Pho, founder of on the topic of the increased role of Health Care Social Media in the Practice of Medicine.

Speaking about the interview on his blog, Professional Patient Perspectives,  Michael writes:

I think you will enjoy Dr. Pho’s informative and thoughtful answers as we talked about everything from Rating Physicians on-line to integrating mobile health & Smartphones into the traditional medical examination room to the present/future effects of ObamaCare on Healthcare and discussed the prospects of using technology like Skype for Video Medical Exams and chronic illness Follow-ups.

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What Physicians Want From #HCSM

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Physicians are early adopters of mobile technology: 88% of respondents own smartphones and 54% use tablets in daily work 

A recent survey of physicians attempted to answer this question and found the result to be “help me help my patients.” While the Publicis Touchpoint Solutions/Sermo survey was small (250 physicians) and focused (physicians who use the social networking site Sermo), it does give us some insights.

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